Lac du Der

catamaran lac du der

The Lac du Der is offering you many water sports such as sailing, water skiing or jet ski. All of these activities are happening around the harbour of Giffaumont. For the nature lovers a lot of observations areas of birds are at your disposition all around the lake, you can also discover and watch them just by the roads around the lake.

The Lac du Der is the first Europeen artificial lake with a an area of 4800 hectares and it’s able to contain 350 million of m3 of water. It was built in the 70’s to regulate the Marne and avoid many floods.

The lake is filled up from December to June to protect the possible flooding of the valley and it’s level decline from July to November.

For the construction of this Lake 3 villages were swallowed up : Champaubert aux bois, Nuisement and Chantecoq, about 300 people had to leave the villages.

The pays du Der museum in Sainte Marie Du Lac is telling the story.

Info :

  • 4800 hectares is the total superficie of the Lake
  • 350 millions of m3 : is the filling capacity
  • 2900 km2 : Controlled watershed
  • 408 m3/s:The sampling capacity during heavy floods
  • 50 m3/s:restitution capacity in low water support
  • 20,3 km of earth dams with a maximum height of 20 m