Vente de mobil-home

We are offering you the possibilities of owning a mobile home on our camping, we are offering to you a large choices of mobile home from 1 to 3 rooms. The price include the settings of the mobile home, the water-electricity connections, a wood terrace autoclave. The emplacement is free the first year.

You can also enjoy your residence during all the year, all of our choices of mobile home are insulation reinforced with radiators in every room and a heating cable throughout the water supply.

You will be the owner of the mobile home but you will rent the emplacement per year. The prices are between 2100€ and 2900€ for a year. It depends on the type of mobile home and the emplacement you choose. In that price is inclued: the water, the grounds maintenance and caretaking all year.

The mobile home are IRM brand (first french manufacturer).

Not every type are represent under :

Super Mercure

2 rooms, living room 4/6 persons 7.60 *4 m, 26.10m2

4[1] 4[3]


Super Cordelia

3 rooms, living rooms, open kitchen and terrace 6/8 persons 9.15*4.25 m, 34.20m2

 14[1] 14[1]


Super Titania Riviera

2 rooms, living room, 6/6 persons, kitchen and terrace 8.20*4.25m, 30.30 m2

 8[1] 8[2]


Super Titania 3

3 rooms; living room, 6 persons 8.20*4 m, 28.30m2

 13[2] 13[1]


Super Mercure Riviera

2 rooms, living rooms,  kitchen and terrace 4/6 persons 7.60*4m, 26.10m2

 6[1] 6[1]





2 rooms, living room 6/6 person 9.09*4 m (hors tout) 34.20m2

 rubis rubis-plan



2 rooms, living room 4/6 persons 10.84*4 m (hors tout) 40m2

 emeraude emeraude-plan


We also offering some used mobile home to buy on the ground or to put on a private ground.

For more informations, please contact Isabelle : 0033 6 70 68 63 49